Thrive on pressure ....


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Any one else ?
I got a push on a job as pressure was on ...
Know I miss the pressure ....
I'm enjoying very slow pace at the moment...close to the VAT threshold and higher rate tax threshold, so it's tools down until April.

No way am going to work to put 50% of my daily income into the coffers and have the hassle of VAT registration.
Worked till one o clock today.
Filled out bathroom pvad ceiling wouldn’t go off,customer bought a grand big Mac for me at 12.30 ate that and I was written off.
Tomorrow’s another day.
Motivation has all gone now!
Laziness. Get a heater in.
Hats off mate ! That is a stressful career to be in ! Respect !
Hats of mate ! That is a stressful career to be in ! Respect ! (y)
Avoid all stress now it’s great, hoping to move soon and have less mortgage and just having a more chilled out life. Fella I know fit as can be, gyms 6 days a week, watches everything he eats, 2 big holidays a year, no kids no money worries, 33 years old diagnosed with stomach cancer. Luckily he’s recovered but he is convinced working nights for 14 years and work stress has been a big contributor to it. Can’t say I don’t agree with him
Could do with a bit more pressure ,had a nice run of it : But would like a bit more ....
Plastering is thee most stressful out there. Once its on you have to stay with it. You cant look around and f**k around with a pencil or brick (or prick if you got time). We laugh and take the piss out of each other, but i got all the time in the world for those that took this madness up, and earned their living out of it.