Thread display order....

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Some of you may find that the posts are displaying from new to old...

so for example you post a new thread and all the replies to it appear above what you posted...

If you want to change this so that you can read it the other way round just go to the top right of your screen and select "settings" then on the left hand side of your screen select general settings" and scroll down till you see "Thread Display Mode:" then select linear Oldest first


PS this is the way i prefer it but others may differ :)

Chris W

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dont you just click the little blue arrow next to the thread title that says 'first new post'? i find that much easier than either back to front or front to back especially if theres been a good few replies since I last looked.... :RpS_thumbup:
yes but some members are getting the posts listed in a different order...... I liek to read down a page but sometimes it displays it the other way.....
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