This really annoys me

Someone sent me this ad that he saw......


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Will never effect you !
These are Neanderthals aiming for morons/to call ...If you have the skills & doing jobs for the right people

Your welcome


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My son gives me a hand now, one day a week, he does four days at collage using his brain !.He's 19 and is a gun at dropping and boarding ceilings though ! Pay him £ 100 a shift .
You would give that much would y
I've got one who makes the job twice as quick literally, so if he doesn't come in for the week I could lose thousands so well worth 500 for the week
Yes agree and f**k off whith your x. If you get a good lad that works hard does a good job he's worth every penny.


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So he's not on 100 pound a day then is he? This bloke that advertised this could only do 5 hours a day to earn his 100 pound but your labour got to work 10 12 hours a day to get his 100 pound and double the work. No brainer which shoes I'd like to be in.
Most lads longest day would be 4 sets 8hours


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Too much stress in that ! Prefer a two bag set, two a day, 8 hours .
Lost touch then only render now,
just done my own place first bit of plastering in ages it's not that rough is it


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