Thinking of getting into projection plastering

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Thinking of getting into projection plastering. Is it worth getting into and how do you get into it? How do you get the work because those projection machines ain't cheap when starting out?


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Gota bite the bullet , if u had plenty site work or green deal u wud be fine if the work comes off .... Domestics well advertise ya arse off but a gamble if you havnt got much of that kind of work new renders etc , quite alot of money for it to sit in ur garage like, i just hand apply i would need a canny contract or something to be getting a machine to make money other wise u would be no better off if not worse off :)


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Solid plaster is making a comeback isn't it? Then projection, hardwall or s&c with a machine.

What machine? Can you get a ritmo upstairs easy enough or the pumping power of a 3 phrase?


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Ritmo can be split in to 3 in about 20 seconds. I could carry it up stairs myself but two is really need to be safe. Most houses we set down stairs and snake the hose up and its long enough.


Yeah carrying upstairs can be done if necessary but two lads really. Ur not gonna make it pay if your site working internals unless ur in with a very good and busy Contractor. Aim for externals and then pick an choose internals that pay well.


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Hey GD Plastering.
If you are doing lots of your own work like extensions, new builds, bit of site work etc etc anything where you are using a lot of material regularly all you need do is swap the materials you use for ones that go through a machine. then a machine can be used regularly by yourself. For eg if you were render and setting a house you can buy CPI motor at about 3.75 a bag and pump the backing coat on. Same goes for any job you got just make enquirers about suitable material replacements. a quick post on this forum is usually all you need. There plenty of machine users on this forum and if you browse the forum lots of them need help from other machine users.

If you are doing small jobs like the odd ceiling or overskim etc then buying a machine is a waste because it wont be needed on them jobs, if you have a well used whisk, and a well used belle type mixer then a plastering machine can only help if used properly.
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