The Site was down today.....

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Hello CHaps,

I woke to the phone ringing and 1 of my clients yelling at me.... yup every single one of my sites was down... I was shitting it!!

A few phone calls later and I realise that every one of my 70 domains had been down for over 5 hours!! EEEK!

I contacted teh hosting company and they told me not to worry as the Server had crashed and will be repaired soon!

Well its back and I am really sorry that it may have inconvenienced some of you :RpS_blushing: but fingers crossed it wont happen again :)

OK we are back.... had an absolute c,unt of a day today.... had clients phoning and moaning that sites were down but if they shut up and let me deal wit things it would have been fixed quicker!!!!!

to say I am pissed off is an nderstatement! But my server is fixed and should be quite stable now .... I hope!!

OK we should be back again.....

The server needs another update but we not doing that till 2am so should all be back to normal by the time everybody wakes up
but the site will be working fine till 2am... and hopefully at five past it will be back working properly :) for at least a few months


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well danny you really f**k*d me up today i needed a price for skimming one wall, i wasnt sure what to charge and what materials to use so ive told the missus i will do it tomorrow ;)

flynn I recon you would have been ok... but I recon theres some rough render somewhere in the
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