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As promised and mentioned numerous times over the last few months one of the reasons why we moved forum software was because of the image handling :)

Last night I shared a video on how to upload photos to a post/thread and it was agreed that its easy :)

Well as we evolve the site we have just opened up the media gallery :) here you can upload your relevant photos and putting them in the right category would really help as well :)

I will remove none related images :)

Also only comment on the photos if its constructive :)

I will be doing a video tutorial on how to use the media gallery but for the moment I figured I would just launch it and see how you get on.

What if the pics are absolute s**t work tho Dan??? Still contructive comments?

If its captioned right ie... look at this crap work then fair enough...

But the point of the gallery is to show off your work and interesting projects
Not open for further replies.