The most awesome guide to priceing jobs...........EVER!

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There is no right or wrong way to price a job, and you will NEVER win every job you price, of that you can be assured.

Sometimes you go in cheap, if your short on work and they still dont use you, other times you can bang in a massive price because you didnt fancy it and they say - 'ok when can you start!'

This is just some general guidelines for new and not so new lads easily work out acurate pricing so hopefull you dont over or underprice a job!

If you have a formular as a basis then you can start to learn to price jobs consistently .

A good starting point is, how much do you want to earn per day?

Lets say £100, so if you have to price a job thats a load of messing about and patching everywhere, trying to work out and measure a meterage rate would be ridiculous, the best way is too look at it and work out how long it would take (lets say 3 days). Then add on the rough cost of materials ( lets say £60) and you easily have your price - £360

With experience you will know how long jobs take, but this guide is for new plasterers.

What if your not sure how long it will take you?

Well unfortunately its all part of learning a trade, and a fundamental part of it too.

One tip if you arn't sure, is dont quote them there and then, give your self a breather and say "okay I've seen enough, I'll go home, work it out and phone you within the hour". But keep in mind everything that needs doing.

Theres nothing wrong in taking a notebook and simply making note of how many patches there are or how many angle beads needed round that mullioned bay window etc.

I once worked in a single 16 foot square room that had 48 forty eight beads, some of them were only 6 inches long but they still needed measureing, cutting and sticking on.

So make sure you dont forget anything.

Some times you may be asked for a price per square meter.

Again go back to the earlier formular of day rate, but work it out backwards.

Lets say you can do 40 meters per day, and theres 100 m2 on the job, that means it will take you two and a half days.

Two an a half times £100 (day rate) = £250

So 250 (pounds) divided by 100 (m2) works out at £2.50 per meter...........simples!

Personaly I ignore windows and doors and treat the room as a square box, some people want you to give a price for reveals round windows, but by time you have nobed about taking the window area out, then working out the linear meterage of the reveals, its neither here nor there....................except everyone just wasted half an hour working it all out.
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