The Golden Trowel Awards 2013 - Wallcrete features strongly

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Every year PICS invites everyone involved in the Decorative Concrete Industry in the UK (as well as our Export clients) to submit photographs of their best work from the previous 12 months.

We then invite a panel of distinguished and impartial judges, including representatives from The Concrete Society, past winners and key suppliers to the industry to choose a Top 3 from each of the classes.

This year we have received a total of over 550 photographic entries, including a good number featuring Wallcrete.

We have created a montage of some of the best of the Wallcrete photos and posted this up on our YouTube account.

Worth a look - by clicking here. Wallcrete GTA 2013

I've posted it up before as it's such a great illustration of what can be achieved, but the 1st photograph shown, which came in from the Czech Republic, won our Export category for the entire Decorative Concrete market.

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Ha! No, I just wondered whether you had a rule that if using YouTube you had to show the link rather then embed it as hyperlink. (Sound like I know what I'm talking about there....? Don't bank on it!)

But, it's odd that. I had a problem with all our YouTube videos yesterday and this morning. Other YouTube vids played fine but not the PICS ones, whereas everyone else in the office could play them!

I downloaded the latest Flash Player and now it's all ok.

Hopefully no-one has a problem viewing it but if they do, it might be a Flash Player issue...

Anyway, thanks for your help guys.
Just totted it up, and, out of the 550+ photographic entries received for the Golden Trowel Awards 2013 - 110 featured Wallcrete!!

A good indication of how visually stunning it is. And how much it's growing...
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