The b*ll***s That Goes With Plastering


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Painters. Painters painters painters painters painters painters painters painters painters painters painters if I see another one in my dreams just standing there with a roller I'm going to tell the wife to buy a pair of overalls and tell me if she likes being a painter


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One of the reasons I stopped site work and the mad thing is these guys will be in the next house carrying on or on another site carrying on lol another thing that bugs me to f**k is people cutting a three inch by 30 inch bit of board off a full sheet grrrrrrrrr I hate waste even if it's not mine :) I cut about six bits for a house off each sheet with never any waste and I rasp every cut before I break it :) OCD to f**k


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When you ask customers to clear a room of all the furniture and they just move it into the middle if the room and the old " if you have any spare plasterer can you patch all 25 holes all over my house " " I can't be arsed moving any furniture for you to get at the holes either"........ C@nts

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All the other trades that think it's fine to board anything because it's always shite and it's MY TRADE NOT THEIRS.


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What do i hate in this trade.. The people that seem to have every ticket on every other trade including this one and know more about the job than a 25 year time served.. Ones that seem to change their opinion every 2 to 3 months on certain tools when it pleases them.. and ones that wear make up in their spare time


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Some other pet hates.

Plumbers trying to trap you.

Impatient sparks.


And clumsy fcuklift truck drivers.


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I hate it when people don't take paperwork seriously What is that a shrew? Vole? Or just a common mouse?


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The knobs that do vinyl flooring always piss me off, site managers always seem to bend over backwards for these c**ts, but don't give a s**t about us


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I agree with @flynnyman comments i hate waste and people who dont rasp any cut edges its bloody lazy!! Nothing worse than plasterboard off cuts everywhere. But i wouldnt go to the extremes of @scottie5 pics thats just a joke and id tell them to get somebody else to sort it out ffs !!! Plus smears of adhesive not cleaned off the surface of the boards is f**k**g lazy aswell hence i wont touch sitework and prefer to do my own boarding etc. On domestics the biggest nightmare is the old "Dont worry ive done all the boarding and dib and dobbing for you its just an easy skim over mate!?" Yeah f**k**g right :cachetada: