The 2013 Xmas Pool Competition

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if i cant get hold of NPS we can play 1st jezza.........................:RpS_biggrin:
i'm off to b and q. then it's practice all day. i'm the underdog and have nothing to lose (except the speedskims and plazzie stuff and the fifty quid). I ll take my inspiration from the blue boys today:RpS_thumbup:

i've been over a barrell before and come through..
Yeah, play the matches in any order (starting tomorrow, room 4 only). Just let me know the results to update each Group :RpS_thumbsup:
just call here or be in room , I wont be on while 5/6 ish ,cant see a reason you and mike cant play first though
i've been in and out of room four all morning on and off. it's empty. i'm first up to the plate if anyone's interested. you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk ... :RpS_drool:

the sun's not over the yardarm, yet, so i haven't even had a drink ...
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watch out for unijazzz. think he was hitting on me there. where i'm from, how old am i etc etc. :RpS_sneaky:

unless it was @jesssop. he used to do that sort of thing he said.
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