The 2013 Xmas Pool Competition

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i was goin to enter but i had a go against myself and it took me 45 mins to clear one table................thats a lie after 45 mins i got bored and still had 5 balls on the table, the sad thing is in real life im quite handy at pool and snooker

into a false sense of mediocrity ... :RpS_confused: in truth, we were hustling each other. there's no way you could be that bad. i've started sledging the opposing players during the match :RpS_thumbup: works great
@bubbles65 count me in marra (Arti pants998) anyone playing at the moment?
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havent stopped all day, kids, shopping, wrapping blah blah etc etc, first chance for a game now... anyone one if so which room?
[h=2]Win some great speedskim sets!!![/h]
Speedskim are offering some great prizes to the winners of this years Xmas pool competition!!!!:RpS_thumbsup:

More details about the Speedskim can be found here:

The competition is open to all forum members, just follow this link for more details>>>>>>>

Prizes are as follows:
1st......... 600mm/1200mm/pole attachment set

2nd........ 1200mm/pole attachment set
3rd .........600mm/pole attachment set
4th......... 600mm

All 4 get a Speedskim mug!:RpS_thumbsup:​
[h=2]Win plastic finishing trowels from Plasterers1stopshop!!!![/h]
Thanks to Plasterers1stopshop you could win some plastic finishing trowels, the trowel that's revolutionising the plastering industry!!!! :RpS_thumbsup:

To see their whole range of products check out their website here:

To get your hands on this new phenomenon just enter the Plasterers Forum 2013 Xmas Pool Competition by following this link >>>>>>>
Been out and bought a mouse for the laptop and wrestled the laptop off the kids. Time to get some practice in sober and see if it makes any difference :RpS_blushing: my performance so far has been lame to say the least
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