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Yes and no....

If we support it then we lose the sponsors ads... and we cant afford to do that....

We are waiting for the new release of the forum software which comes with a nifty mobile app.

Its already been released... its in Beta stage.... so they are just doing all the tests and I am hoping for a launch by february... but that is hopeful...

I use tapatalk on another one of my forums but that doesn't have the traffic that this site does so I am not worried about not having the ads :)

But what i will do is email the forum support and see if there are any changes since I last looked just in case I have missed one :)


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It does work ok on my sg2 but the blue "go to last post" button is often hidden so I have to go to the first page of the thread and navigate from there. If that makes sense.
Ah yeah I know what you mean.. I have the same phone....

If I could find a way of having the best of both worlds I would as I often use my phone to surf the forum :-(


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Just logged on and got a pop up saying the forum supports tapatalk now? Did the upgrage through playstore but it seems we dont. Is it just a rogue ad or has my sgs2 now got aids?
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