Tanking slurry help for my basement

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PAul mccue

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So far!

I’ve clean back to brick and applied tanking slurry to my basement walls, but I’m reading so much mixed views regarding water varpour and installations .

I’m putting up studding and plasterboardig out etc so not to have to go into brick for sockets etc. I was thinking a damp proof membrane over the tanking slurry or even a damp proof paint just to make sure.

Once I’ve studded out do I then put another damp proof course behind the plaster board? I’m reading possible water vapour entering the plaster board and getting locked in the insulation and going mouldy.

Any help is greatly appreciated


Queen Jess Elizabeth I
I’m not massively well versed on all the ins and outs of basements but did one a while ago where I wrapped treated battens in dpc and used vapour board. Been back today to same house and it’s dry as a bone. However it wasn’t very damp as far as basements go in the first place