tanking cellar walls


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my cellar walls have a lot of Efflorescence on them, but only in area were the coal hole is, a couple of years ago I skimmed them with bonding plaster and then applied a coat of PVA and then painted them with white emulsion. I have since found out that bonding plaster should not of been used, the salt is now coming through the paint and onto the floor, should I now knock the bonding plaster off and clean down the walls and mix a slurry mix of Sbr and Portland cement, brushed on across the wall then another coat up the wall, or can I just put 2 coats of sbr on the wall then render with sand and cement and paint again. do I have to use render when the 2nd coat of SBR is tacky.


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you need to purchase a proper tanking system, and employ someone with experience of the material to fit it.
or you will waste your time and money.


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Those pictures look like something outta paranormal activity!! Cellars should be damp and a little bit freaky:frenetico:were else are you supposed to keep your victimso_O


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can I not just knock the old plaster off clean the salt off, brush 2 coats of Sbr and portland cement on and then paint instead of rendering onto the slurry mix?