Super Leeds!

Most worrying thing I seem to be the only Leeds fan on the forum! That’s what happens when you move to Devon I can afford credit on me phone now :ROFLMAO:
Don’t like leeds, just on the strength I’m an owl, but I admit there the biggest club in God’s county and should be premier side. I fancy Brentford to go up with them. As regards staying up who knows worse clubs have stayed up better clubs have come back down. Ben whites the best centre half In the league but he’ll go back to Brighton and he’ll be a massive miss next season although Calvin Phillips is the best player in championship for me, buying proven premiership players in the summer will be a must for Leeds.
Nothing wrong with @Groove37 the blokes a diamond!
I didn't say there was,I was just stating there's nothing lower than a man not paying his debts.might just be me being old fashioned but let's see if he comes through,if he doesn't,he's clearly not a sound geezer as you put it