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Just tragic. People need to reach out and talk when you get to that point. Think of the damage to kid ffs
My partner knew one of the Blackpool suicides.
Went through his face book page.
He was posting some proper deep shiit.
Surprised no one reached out to him earlier.


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It's a big problem with blokes between a certain age bracket! It's a shame because it's been addressed a lot more these days and there is lots of support out there for those that want it. Unfortunately as men we don't open up like women because it's always been seen as a sign of weakness! I was in that place when I lost my previous partner and could quite easily for me to f**k it all off. But you just need time and a bit of hope for the future! Life's great if your heads in a good place when it's not it can nearly destroy you....god bless to him:love:


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Honestly when my ex Mrs passed away was 6 years in January just gone at the time I was drinking heavily banging coke up my nose! I used to sit in my van crying like a baby Google searching painless ways to kill yourself, I had it all planned out in my head I was gonna do the old hosepipe in the exhaust trick into the van,but didn't have the balls to do it but time and support and getting yourself back together good things start happening, IL never forget my ex Mrs and my new one knows that! IL never love anyone the way I loved her(she doesn't know that bit:LOL:) but life goes on and it's a great place to be if you keep your head healthy so anyone ever feels there alone reach out because there's a lot been in the same boat n there the people that can help!!! Peace out niggas!!:love: