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I have seen a lot of jobs that before they are plastered they have been completely rasped the EPS boards surface.I was trying to figure out why as it is easier to keep the boards straight eliminated extra work,dirt,waste and uneven background.Is this the norm or am i missing something.


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You prove my point I make in another post in the ewi section. The post where the guy is asking abouy a rasp machine.

Rasping is part of the job and imo should always be done (one other reason I dont like phenolic as this cant be rasped. That and it being unstanle).
The fact that manufacturers dont even teach rasping now on the applicator course suggests some of them too are willing to turn a blind eye to it. Recent years I have seen many sites flooded with men from all over but I cant remember ever seeing a rasp.
When I started rasping was important for different reasons mentioned in that other thread. Some sysyem manufacturers I use still reach rasping and expect it to be done for the correct application even when the boards are flat and true yes.
Can I ask did they teach you how to rasp eps on your applicator training ?
Contractoes stopped paying for rasping a few yrs back and thay was the start of people dropping it on site.
You should be paid extra for it.
Most newcomers to ewi dont know what a rasp is and I think that is a shame and sign as to where the industry standard is heading. It might not be the most implrtant aspect of the installation but when you start cutti g corners the industry devalues itself
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Polysterene and mineral wool boards are only ones u can rasp back. Over 5 years since we do ewi havent seen many people rasping boards. Cause in most cases its mechanical fix onlyand boardin follows shape of the walls u get odd lips which should be shaved back. On phenolic all u can do is patch up any steppin first and aplly scrim before scrim it all. U still can cut back flash some minor uneven boards instead raspin


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i agree its tricky where mineral and phenolic is concerned

I always push EPS and luckily the systems I use most are EPS
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