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Im ordering a set of Marshalltown stilts tomorrow but was confused on which size?
There is 18-30" or 24"-40"...

Im thinking 24-40 might be too big on most domestics as im around 6ft anyway. The reason im asking is in my own house obviously u cant reach the ceilings on your own so I measured up 24" up the wall with a tape and then a further 6ft. This showed me that if I was on a 24" set of stilts the top of my head would be touching the ceiling???

Any help appreciated
hi spark, for normal domestic bashing i used 18-30 for a few yrs only had to venture up to 30 a few times and im only 6ftish though tbh i think that once there as high as that they start getting a bit scarey and clumbersum

any more questions tips fela just ask?

zombie, i think thats answered my question... it makes sense to get the 18's
You confirmed what I believed....

good man, thanks.....
No probs fela, just to mention i found the marshaltown original skywalkers loads comfyer than the new version though the new version look loads better and have some better aspects etc


agreed i went with the ms1's i tried the 2's and diddnt like them found they really hurt me clalfs, i just felt more sturdy on the 1's aswell
You can get the Skywalker 1's for £150 now... I noticed the Msw18's are in blue and then then I seen them in silver? Is this just different colours u can get them in or is there a difference? The blue one's look mental
erm not to sure on that one spark the original 1s where like square looking shite explanation sorry though mt2s are more like a prosphetic leg styley with a proper shape foot they look great and the quick release adjustable heights are brilliant but jesus there realy uncomfy!

thought to be honest ive always had to use a pair of those lightweight sponge type knee pads wrapped around the inside of my calfs for any where the buckle ties other wise well uncomfy!

i got the little skywalkers-can do a 2.7 ceiling off em easy-also i got a pair of 12 inch supastilts 70 quid off ebay well handy for barn conversions etc
nice one zombie, i know the ones your on about... the skywalker 2's.. but the skywalker 1's you can get in blue as well, but I suppose it doesn't matter as they'll be probably covered in plaster soon !!
ahh right i didnt realise that spark they must have pimped them up since i last had some mine where just plain boring silver...but yeah your right all be pink in a month anyway hehe!:RpS_laugh:
anyone got a link for the mst 1's ?
for domestics with a normally high ceiling of ...what around 9ft what size would you recommend ? I dont mind kicking the crates about but thought id try some stilts out, do you all use ligger boards or just lift the bucket up onto a ..... ligger lol (rather scope it out of the bucket to be honest )
i use the skywalker 2 find them much easier to use than the 1's.being a short arse mine are nearly always three quarters extended. cant stand working out of a stand has square legs so i just slot 32mm waist pipe on the legs to give me the extra height needed for my spot board
most guys I know use these
Im pretty sure they are available in the UK

but I also know 1 fella that switched from dura to

and swears by em ....says his legs dont hurt a the end of the day

In my time being 6'2 I used 18"-30" Durastilts,
I had never seen stilts in the UK ....I came here 26/7 years ago and was amazed that every job I worked on tapers and plasterers were all on stilts on the was I within 1 year....

I havent looked to close .....but it looks to me like your pricing for stilts is double what we pay...mind you isnt everything expensive there compared to here......get enough of you together and Ill talk to my supplier buddy .....and ship a crate full there ...hahaha
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