Stilts vs boards

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Tried stilts a few years back, but I found that because I'm older now than I was years ago, :huh:
I don't bounce very well:RpS_laugh:

So hop up or boarded


Hate using steps, and hop ups on times.The amount of energy you expend up and down on em readjusting etc..i think stilts are a great investment.


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ur a bit old to be starting on them now and there not for every one depends on ur balance and if ur afraide on them theres no point i have been useing them 20 years now i could walk up a stairs on them have a lot off time on them get on and off in seconds and was never told yet i could not use them on a job boards can be dangerours to i fell though a bad board two years ago and got 32 stichs in my leg
'A bit old' Ouch. My balance should be pretty good being a caver so I suppose I will have to rule myself out for being past it. :RpS_wink:
The boards and tressles are mine so I check them. As I said before, I don't think I will bother trying them. Thanks for the advice guys.


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Always have used boards myself, i do mainly domestic which involves covering carpets with dust sheets, can imagine it would be very dangerous working on Stilts and dust sheets.


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Always stilts for me. Got a pair of martial town about 10 yrs ago £200 and still going strong. I have extension pipes for my board stand too.
Just double check you have all you need to hand before you get a mix on and go! Unless you have a labourer


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No just knell down ha ha. Actually welded extra feet on on stand for when I'm on my stilts cause can't reach other one when on the highest level!


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Never used stilts, I work on my own mostly and I'm mainly r******d. Can just see myself falling down, breaking bones and not being able to reach my phone to dial 999 :RpS_crying:. Love boards when working for builders who have them. Mostly I use light weight ladders (too small for hop up most of the time) and have no problem throwing them round the room as I go about


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hop ups or stilts for me some tiles the job needs a full boarded room.
or even birdcage if its on site happy days Dont need a lab if your on stilts just buy a high table.
Have you tried lifting a 2 bag set onto a high stand????? killer
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