Still problems with multi and board??!!


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Lol. makes me laugh my swede off when muppets like yourself struggle to trowel up thistle, yeah it’s changed over the years but still a easy product to finish. Lol
Hahahaha i've no issues with board or multi you clown. Next time read the post you dick.


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I'm not moaning about anything apart from your lack of grammar mate. Get back to school you simple c**t.
Macaulay culkin, Pipe down it’s a plasterers forum not a English lesson u bellend , if I had decent grammar do u think I would be a plasterer lol. if u want I’ll give u a lesson how to use multi finish properly , Pretty basic stuff if u know. cause cleary can’t use it lol lol lol


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It’s normally down to the supply chain storage rather than the way the product it made. After a shortage (like during the lockdown) most suppliers bulk out when then can and secure discounts, this results is stock being stored in warehouses with temps going up and down before it even makes its way to the stores. Go to a big B&q and they will have 20 pallets in the racking, small store might have 1 or 2. (Both will have a pallet of make good waiting for disposal)