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I had the tacwise for years bang on, recently changed to dewalt which is a pile of winniethepooh
Wickes own
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I'd go with arrow it has teeth marks that's the width of a staple so when your teeth sink through the serrated bead you know it will fire correctly. I've got a Stanley stapler no help wat so ever no power to go through bead or no teeth/ guides. To help fire through bead
Yea the Stanley one I line the centre line up to a couple of different points of the bead depending on where I want to staple it.
I like the arrow as I don't have to look. so if I'm going the top or bottom of bead where I can't see or can't be assed to look. I just rub a round n when the teeth sit in the hole of the bead I just simply staple.
Used the yellow Stanley 1 today with 10mm sharpshooter staples.

Works a treat, bangs through the bead if you don't get it quite right.

Thanks again for the advise.
i used to use a stapler i broke it oneday garbed some spry adhesive of carpet fitter never used one since
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