Stabilising solution and PVA


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Hello all.

I have a house covered in distemper which was a nightmare, I've used 404 everbuild stabilising solution to seal the distemper, however am unsure on what ratio pva to use prior to plastering. Any ideas? Should I apply a thin ratio first, then a thicker one, etc cheers



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I dustless sand distemper then gardz or beeline sealer. When dry pva.

To answer pva following the ratio on tube. Will be fine as I've done many times. 3-1 (look on tub) and if it hangs and sticky after 15mins skim. If not put another coat on and when sticky skim. Repeat on the rest. I'd use red tubs of pva


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plastering over distemper sealed with a stabilizing solution will require a mechanical key for your skim which PVA will not sufficiently provide....that's what the pre-grits are for.

fk me everyday is a school day on here.....even for those purporting to be 'professionals'

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