stabbed in the back?

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OK i on and off do a bit of work with another lad who has his own lil company like mine, we adversities in the same spots and we are working firends.. we can see we have quotes on the same job some came 2 the agreement that we go in at the same price (i find him cheaper than me) and do the job 2 gether but the one who wins the contract can take a few extra £££ fro the job.. quotes in.. my quotes look the biz my website mtaches up ect we look good.. he would have just rang up and gave a price. so she rings me up all happy and says ok she will have a think about it... get back to me..he asked me if i had hurd anything i said yes waiting for a call back tonight.. next thing i get an email says she has picked another spread due to price.. it was him.. she apparently told him that she had a quote from me at £50 less.. so he said he matched it to win the job... dont make sense

tricky road but maybe next time go ya own way! as i also added for my won sake on my quote as a back up.. if you find you get any quotes around my price range i can match it..

hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm works... firends... nah dont mix..does it?
My best mate and I are both spreads. Work together on jobs a couple of days and over. If we have a row we don't take it down the pub, we save it for when wekre working again
best not to get too cosy mate really. just have some one to call on if you really need to then they should do the same , thats wat i do with my mate anyway :)
why dont you set up another business and go halves advertising round youre way soon should be interesting ;D
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