sprey times

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Takes an age to go off,
i presume your going over a bed of maitie on the insulation.
so you'll be going on a bit thiner than normal ie 12mm ish, we did one before Christmas december time, put it on in morn, next morn it was fine.
Hi owls nightmare today like trying to sprey floor screed wet in Hooper semi dry at gun reps comeing tomorrow
It's a dog to apply,
the last lot we did was by hand. It's very fluffy like browning plaster, because of the perlite aggregate in it. Tears aswell when you rule it and slumps down the panel.
I think I'll give parex ehi a swerve sounds a nightmare. We shouldn't have to deal with materials like that in this day and age.
Don't know Bobby,it went ok in the end,perhaps they've been fooling about with the formula. It was pumped on with an Mtec Duo Mix.
Ehi has always been a nightmare, apaarently there going to change the composition of it this year, but I've heard that before :rolleyes)
We have sprayed it a few time as putz a nightmare to spread by hand. Don't work it too much and close it in quickly or the nightmare begins. I would also make sure the maite is dry enough first and no moisture there or it will start running down the wall.
A plasterer local to me asked me to help him for a few days. we went in and smashed all the maite on in 1 day 175 m2, then went back and sprayed the ehi for him.
he ordered a machine once he saw the Ehi flying on
Nice one, but now your local competition has a machine 

I'm not greedy Rory. I don't need to have all the plastering jobs local to me and nobody ever will. But on the other hand every time my pft customers get a job they may need some spares or tools or masking tapes
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