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Trying to master the sponge float when skimming and on a couple of jobs I've had an issue where plaster starts flash setting...e.g ceiling with lots of insulation above on a hot humid day...wet it down...sponge it and when I trowel after sponging I can see all the lines from the sponge...in some areas I can almost feel the lines...when it's drying you can see all the sponge lines...

I'm one coating 2 passes...

Anything I can do when it picks up fast like this?

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Hi buddy.
When you mix up add extratime,
Lay on your set, second coat tapes,flatten of,light spay of water,use refina 16inch blue fine sponge float,trowel up keeping blade closed,
Finish set.

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What a pair of useless cuntts, what’s wrong with starting and finishing the set with the same trowel????
that'd be to fkin easy for em...more interested in tossing their egos off on youtube.....probably wouldn't have a clue how to do with with one trowel anyway.