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As you have probably noticed the forum has been hit by a lot of spammers recently. From what I remember this happened last year as well. I have made some changes to the sign up process so it should slow them down but still none the less we need to be vigilant about it and if you see any posts then please hit the report post button and a moderator will remove the posts and ban the user.

The spammers are Bots and not real humans so reply to the posts and calling them names wont do anything and I wouldnt click the links either.....

Hopefully the mods and changes I have made will stop the spamming but only time will see :)

All the best

Ok Dan , the NFL jerseys and the Louis voutton ****. what happend to the viagra ones ?????.......... not that I need! .... just askin like:-0
There's been loads ons here today!! I used to like spam as a kid,,,,,but its gettin right on my tats now
Well pissed off with having to sift through all the crap to find the real threads.

Must be a way of stopping it?
There is a way, but it involves admin having to manually accept members.
This forum might benefit from it as there aren't hundreds a day applying.
i think i have stopped the new spam accounts...

So its just the existing accounts that we need to getvrid of when they come up
Missed a load... :RpS_thumbup:

And they're all talking more shoite than we do :RpS_laugh:
Deleted about 500 spam accounts today and added a few features to hopefully start to curb the spam....

Hopefully i have not deleted any genuine accounts....

lol if they look like spam then theyre probably lurkers anyway. **** em. theres one called flynnyman that spams this place with a load of bullshit danny, he needs to go...
Hi Danny,

Its mega quick for me tonight..... I am deleting loads and loads of spam accounts and what not so it should be getting even quicker....

Restart your PC and see if that helps....

I find a gentle tap with a lump hammer does the trick mate :RpS_thumbup:

And shouting at the missus.
Yeah, they're links to sites that make there money via a 'pay per click' system or something, as if anyone would be fkin daft enough to follow them links FFS.
i think we have technically just spammed the forum there both times we wrote n f l shirts its come up as a link:RpS_thumbsup:
Good job no one typed vibrators, s*x-toys, bondage or S&M.. Gawd knows what links'd come up. :RpS_scared:
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