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been told this is alot better than gyprime, because the grit is made from recycled upvc windows it doesnt sink to bottom of tub like gyprime and you get a more even coverage , it was develoved by a plasterer for sovereign , when stocked at a well known merchants it out sold gyprime 10 to 1, dunno bout the price tho!


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Hi Merlin
I have been useing it today to prime a shitty old lime ceiling it is also good on painted ceilings and walls , . It is the same consistency
from start to finish in the tub so less waste. Am not saying it kills the suction, bit like skimming onto board, also good over concrete . It is also very good over artex better then pva me thinks. I pay £30 +vat a tub and its green in colour downside you have to put it on the day before skimming.


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yeah its not bad gear but you have to load wall/ceiling on with skim to get over the grit when supplying not gud.
But gud gear thow i like to use artex (the make) stabiliser on reskims its the tits


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I found that it isn's as good as PVA and given sand, although quicker. I slapped it on all the walls of a re-skim, and found that when i got to the last room it had started to pull/ peel the paint off the walls. I spoke to the rep about it but haven't used it again. Must admit the was a brilliant key though.
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