Sourcing Plaster....

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Between yesterday and this morning I’ve managed to get to a store where the pallets were flying out the door. I’ve now got 40 bag as will be fooked if I can’t get any.
With that pissy little drill and sand castle bucket u got, that will see u till u kick it u old sweaty sock


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Would you rub your 4rse with it in powder form or mix it up and use when set? I can't see it being very effective either way to be honest. :confused:
Defo do not wipe with set plaster ............just saying.


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Still no multi finish at MKM and bonding/board adhesive wtf
Plenty of make good finish at bnq though


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What u using it on at mo? I was told doesn’t crack aswell ,must admit it is a harder substance once gone ,cleaning bucket and knocking out of bucket lol