Sony trinitron

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Sony trinitron flat screen telly 28" no controller flat screen with stand silver too good to throw don't have space have had to put both kids in same room to try and get them to sleep in their own ******* room lol



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ive got an old cable box for sale aswell, you know the brown wood effect ones. £50 or £15 when bought in conjunction with spunks tv and blones' ferguson videostar


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i forgot to mention the ferguson is top of the range with wired remote control. If anyone wants to pop round to see the eject button work feel free. Its really soft eject

Chris W

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ill bet he's got a right ol' pile of 80's porn on vhs.. :RpS_scared:

bet he's only sellin it cos he's discovered youporn.. :RpS_w00t:
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