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Skimming internal curves

Discussion in 'The Plasterers Forums Information Guides' started by The flame, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. The flame

    The flame New Member

    Hi Guys , Someone recommended one of those corner pro rubber knives for skimming internal curves , just wondering what the verdict is with you guys, before I possibly waste money on a useless tool . I also heard it's possible to use a bottle. I've always done it free hand but nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation.
  2. Olican

    Olican Private Member

    IMG_20170830_101410.jpg IMG_20170830_162106.jpg IMG_20170923_143621.jpg IMG_20170923_143550.jpg
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  3. Olican

    Olican Private Member

  4. The flame

    The flame New Member

    Nice looking plastering there mate . Send us a photo of the tool please or the exact name so I can order one for myself .
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  5. t33ch

    t33ch Active Member

    Looks sweet!

    I use a pool trowel. I've got it really sharp as it blends better; but if I don't concentrate 100% it'll cut up the wall like a pshyco. Reckon a rubber tool would be a bit more forgiving.
    Is it the 'Bat knife' that I've seen on ebay?
  6. Olican

    Olican Private Member

  7. Olican

    Olican Private Member

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  8. essexandy

    essexandy Private Member

    Those rubber thingymagigs would give you such a tiny little round to look, IMO, daft.
    Either freehand or make a running mould out of a piece of plywood to shape the Bonding and skim with a trowel.
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  9. Topspread16

    Topspread16 Well-Known Member

    Bond out speedskim then skim it freehand.

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  10. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Mouldyoldspudgun Well-Known Member

  11. Olican

    Olican Private Member

    I won one on here a few years ago, it's listed as a finishing trowel o_O I do like it for internal curves especially where you have 3 opposite angles meeting
  12. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Mouldyoldspudgun Well-Known Member

    I get that, I tend to use a speedskim then a trowel, when three angles meet I use unthinkable that fits hardest part for me is the very top but if I let it pick up a bit they come out pukka
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  13. Djr

    Djr Active Member

    I just use my skimming trowel myself 20180209_102854.jpg 20180209_102854.jpg 20171001_123533.jpg
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  14. scottie5

    scottie5 Private Member

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  15. Olican

    Olican Private Member

    Thank you my old bowl of angel delight. That was Esther Ramsons house, remember her. Lovely lady
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  16. scottie5

    scottie5 Private Member

    The old Doris with the teeth who did thats life and invented 'Childline' ?
    Or am I thinking of a different fella?.
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  17. Olican

    Olican Private Member

    Lol that's the one
  18. Cornelius

    Cornelius Well-Known Member

    I think @malc recommended a top of a paint tin, we’ve been doing them freehand lately and ruling/Smoothing off bonding with a Refina spat , skimming normally then trowelling up with the super-flex or plazzi. My mates got a medi on order but I’m making do with the mt flex and Refina plazzi. Don’t use them often but great on curves.
  19. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    I made a template out of plastic to make a curve in a ceiling perfect for an engineer friend of mine ages ago :D Came out lovely and was perfect :D

    Another laser project that was :D

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