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I'm new to plastering and this is my first post! When plastering over an old doorway that has been studded out and boarded if I find the 2 coat multi finish (2-3mm) does not come up to the level of the existing wall could I set it again with multi finish. If so, when would it be best to do this. Just thinking it might be too thin to bother with using a bonding coat. Limited experience with bonding also!

Any advice much appreciated.


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Depends on how much out you are from existing wall

If more than a few mm then build it out with bonding then re skim whole wall..

Finish plaster not designed to be used at depth


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One is too thin, one is too thick, mmm add a few handfuls of bonding in to the first coat of multi,let if pull in.then skim to match the thickness,(of the wall)that is..


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Welcome along Holty :RpS_thumbsup: You can build out with multi to a certain degree but if you build out too much too quick it will slump, we often encounter heavy door linings and dub out with multi first


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This should be sorted first ,its all down to preparation if its thick build it up first ,its pointless putting full wall on to find its too thick to put on in two coats where it meets existing work, look at the job at hand and solve problems before they arise ,prep, prep,prep and the wall/work becomes easy!


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Preparation is the key to success!!! :RpS_thumbsup:
Thanks for all the replies lads, every little helps! Got another question in relation to the same job. I should say that it's not my job and I haven't been there yet; a mate has asked me to help him out and I'm going on his description at the moment. I think he wants me to patch in the doorway and not skim the whole wall (he thinks it's papered) so, what's the best way to blend in to the existing wall from the newly boarded aperture?


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The best way would be to bond the door out and skim the wh8le wall,if your adamant you dont want to go that route then Remove any paper from around the door, pva and skim the door flush and past the edge feathering it into the wall.
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