Skim Painted brick

Hi there,

New to the forum so hello all.

Am.actually a tiler but quite comfortable with skimming plaster board to a decent standard when I've had to reboard in tiling jobs.

My.aunty has a small porch that has painted brick which she would like skimming. The paint is sound as is the brickwork. No damp and there is heating in the porch.

Since its family there's not much money involved. Ideally want to be done in a day

I was just wondered if it be ok with a grit applied (slurry mix), bonding coat then multi finish?

Dot and dab not really an option here as a small window in the porch that is flush with the brickwork.

I've read up about eml too but sounds a bit ott for a little family job. But then again I don't want a phone call next winter saying it's all fallen off lol.

Thanks guys.


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Just do a s**t job!!! Then once it gets round the rest of family what you done they will never ask you again!!!!... result!!! f**k family they want s**t done for nothing :bailando:im a twat!