single skin wall, insulating and drylining

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Hi there, I am after some advise for insulating and drylining a wall.the wall is obviously cold to touch with it only being single skin
. Should I batten the wall and insulate between the battens and plasterboard it with foil back plasterboard?or should I stud it off the wall?
Just wondering what people find the best and easiest way to tackle this.


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You could dab insulated plasterboards directly to the wall providing the existing surface is stable enough to provide a key for the drywall adhesive, or you could batten off the wall and then usec the insulated board. If you battened the wall and insulated in between then used duplex board, you would have cold bridging at the batten. If you have the cash, insulate between the battens with celotex, and use insulated board. Depending on the size of your room, i'd go for 50mm insulated board minimum.


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Cheapest way temporaly stick celotex to wall just enough to hold it there then fix battens on top of the celotex at desired centres into the wall through the battens and insulation with plugs and long screws fix plaster board to battens, simples.


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I've just done my garage walls.didnt want to pay 60 a sheet (4 needed)to be delivered 80 miles so just used 60mm boards from wickes dabbed on.basecoat/mesh then skimmed.
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