Silver sand white cement and lime


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Hi all looking for some advice. Am doing a wall in silver sand white cement and lime. I have done a test on the wall. I scratched it with normal plastering sand and cement. 4.1 Top coat is silver sand white cement and lime. 5.1.1. It dried out white the first couple of days , but after it rained, it turned a dirty colour. See photos. Should the scratch coat be done with normal plastering sand and white cement alsoto stop this discoloured look. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Unless you really know what you're doing, just get a bagged product mate.

You're using different strength cements, ratios have to be bang on aswell as correct additive etc.


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White cement often fire cracks. use bagged material such as OCR and decorate.
Rendering on garden walls is always a problem give work like that a swerve.


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White cement, in pure form (ground clinker, gypsum, limestone up to 5%) is generally a good bit stronger than grey cement, simply because to produce the white cement you need to keep iron content low, since it gives colour. Iron forms C4AF or "ferrite" which does help with clinkering, but does not really contribute strength. White cement has no C4AF but more C3S ("alite"), which is the main strength giving component in cement.