Silicone Render

Wee Al

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Hoping the Plastering community can help me out here, there's no chance that "Mums Net" can answer this one.

Local Glasgow Company is looking use Atlas Silicon Render system and I can't find out much about it. We're going to hack off current wet cast and re-render over 1950's brick.

Can anybody tell me if this is a good render system that will look great and endure ?

Wee Al
Used their adhesive for boards last week, seemed ok. Got my lad a sub contract job while I was on holiday and he used Atlas ewi system with silicone finish. Seemed to like it.
not heard of them, but theres a lot coming over from eastern Europe at the moment under all sorts of guises.
I'll step in here guys pmsl
Yes I've used a lot of atlas aval and it's decent enough stuff