Silicone render Spalding, Lincolnshire


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The house was originally built in 1932 in red, fletton common bricks, and lime mortar. At some point it was repointed flush with cement mortar. We have a large extension built with concrete common bricks. The extension is painted and peeling and we are having it sandblasted off.

We were originally interested in monocouche render, but have seen pictures of it being stained and algae growing on it very soon. So it looks like silicone thin coat render, might be a better option for us as the extension is very exposed and has already had algae growing on the paint after a couple of winters.

The full area to be rendered is around 100m2, but we are looking to get the front wall rendered as soon as we can (20m2 ish), ideally before the winter sets in.

Thank you!