Silicone guns

John j

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Anyone recommend a good one for pink grip. Lost two this week.

And dont any flash f**k*r (@theclemo )suggest the de wault one as theres no chance I.m paying 240 quid for one .


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i bought a top of the range from Huws Gray. Worth the extra money in my humble opinion. £20. Well built and will last until I’m dead I reckon


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I started off fitting windows many moons ago and am king of the silicon guns.
we used to call them gook guns and i had a belt full of nozzles bandito style slung across my shoulder.
My current gun has upgraded springs made for me by a mate in a spring factory.
Its platinum plated and kept in a velvet lined case.


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You need a high thrust mastic gun.
It's way more powerful than standard gun. Available in many places like trade centres and online. Look up ....high thrust mastic gun....

310 tubes fit but the 350 need saw through end which is a the size when you buy..