Should I also use SBR bounding as well as PVA the walls

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I have taken all the older plaster off of the walls back to the bare brick. The brick is in good condition. I have PVAed the walls. I am wondering if I should also use SBR bound agent to the walls or add to the plaster for better long term results.

The depth of the plaster overall when finished will need to be about 25mm (perhaps even 30mm) thick. So I want the plaster to stick to the all very well, I know bonding plaster is already designed to stick well, but I thought SBR bounding agent would further help the bonding plaster bond, stay on the wall.

Please advise on the above, thanks


As the overall plaster needs to be quite thick I am wondering if using a plaster called "One Coat" would be better than bonding plaster, the reason being one coat can be applied up to 50mm thick, not sure how thick you can apply bonding plaster?

Thanks all
E Brant
Hi ebrant..

the walls in question in my opinion I would sand a cement render them and a plaster finish.. I have never heard of one coat plaster doing 50mm in one pass.. I for one have never used it.

Where re in the house is the room ie living, bedroom, bathroom?
as you have put pva on the brick work you have now killed any suction that you had !
sand and cement floating would need 3 coats and each coat left to set before you can apply the next coat. one coat plaster with no suction will need to be done in three coats.
dot and dab is possible. or a lightweight pre mixed plaster either browning or hardwall.
it would have been better to employ someone who knows what they are doing.
Thanks every one for taking the time to give me some feed back :)

Based on the feed back I have decided to dot and dab plaster board first.

Thanks again
E Brant
I have to agree, dri-line the walls.
Not sure of your experience but even using guides on the wall to keep the float nice and flat will take an inexperienced person an age; then you will have to skim it.
Plus dri-lining will enable you to run cables to outlets etc with ease.
Rock on !
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