Shortage of plaster

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Suppliers can't keep up with demand, my normal supplier couldn't get boards out for at least 2 weeks, I only wanted 170ffs.


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Just to confirm, no strikes or go slow going on at factories ?
Been on the phone a few times to BG to get answers, not answering calls


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Someone said last time wickes let there shelves go dry was when all the stores had a refit , I think this is what’s going on as there’s tonnes of plaster stacked to the rafters at proper merchants round here


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No there's the very same measure of mortar as at any point there seemed to be, it's only that there's uncommon interest for the great BG items. That is legitimate.


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My local out of bonding other day
We have 3 merchants within 400 metres of each other and the one I have an account with have no board finish and no bonding, went to Travis and they had pallets of it and bonding 60! Lol.
Walls and ceilings international who are down the road supply sites around the country and are struggling with demand, I have to phone them now to see what boards and skim they have as never seen this in 25 years I been using them.


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No problems with suppliers down here! Only the fact there all f**k**g retards when you ask them a simple question! Like why ain't you filled the coffee machine up ya nuggets :ROFLMAO:


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Do u think they know ,y don’t we phone bg direct n get the plaster, boards etc n forget the merchant ,what do u reckon is it a goer