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anyone no off the top of their heads an approx per tonne for this gear by flowcrete? needs to be in today so cant really rinf tommorrow. forgot about it

Isocrete heavy duty K-screed including Isocrete PP
fibres manufactured by Flowcrete UK Ltd
k screed is an additive that goes into a semi dry screed, usually to make it dry quicker. isocrete will only supply to licensed applicators
there are alternative additives to k screed. Its just when isocrete is specified some wont change it.
get a nice liquid screed down.
there is one on ebay that goes 50mm deep at 10 bucks a bag
what are you screeding over?and area?
and most liquid screed providers will only supply to approved contractors, so they aint going to get comebacks if some herbert bodges it.
i aint sure about pre bagged gear.
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