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I had 16 bags of weber fine flow screed and have laid it barely 20mm thick on celotex with render mesh, perfect good hard floor, poured it in and ran a spatula over it, flat as a pancake.
What ya using the shed for? Will it take a good load at 20 mm? never used it before mac :RpS_thumbup:
laid mesh on floor flat over lapped a bit then 2" squares of duck tape just to hold the edges together, I could see the mesh being encapsulated in the screed when pouring. I just thought it was a good way of insulating a thin screed so tried it on my own place first, next day you could tell it was sound, being tiled too. I would have no qualms about doing this again.
did you fix the celotex to the subfloor with adhesive ,or is this some kind of floating floor ..........?
Gooner, I think you will find Weber will not endorse this as a floating screed over an insulation quilt. But as Mc says it will prob be ok in your shed ..
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