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Will give these a go


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For cutting mesh corners, I got a pair of magnusson from b&q to try em, think they’re about 4 years old now
Use em for all my beading, I think there brilliant, been using wizz for years till I give these a go


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Cutting window protection and mesh with scissors!
About as effective as boarding a house out with a hand saw


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Ah glad you've popped in.
Seeing as BG get a lot of grief on here it's your turn.
At precisely 4 o'clock this afternoon one of your twatty lorry drivers was in the outside lane of the M25 approaching the Dartford crossing Kent bound. What a knobhead.
On this basis I won't be purchasing any more of your finish plaster.

Please carry on buying …. Times are hard right now… we are sorry…

If you are not going to use our finish plaster…. Can I tempt you with some Dutch plaster instead?