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Hi I'm re-skimming on to old render in a Victorian property solid walls that are very porus, I usually use several costs of PVA to contol suction but this is very time consuming.

I want to use SBR to prime the walls prior to skimming. How do I use the SBR? Do I paint it on neat let it set, put on a second and start to spread on it when it's tacky? Do I need to dialute the SBR with something else if so what ratio. Help please.
you could use a textured adhiesive like WBA/bond it, Etc just one application will control the suction and give you a good key. less time consuming
hi fellas I'm new here , but i use a sbr slurry. 1 sand, 1 cement ,a good glug of sbr and water to make a thickish paint , then flick it on the walls like dashing
A job done properly is only time consumng if your young or inexperienced. Use stabelising solution then pva or gritted bonding agent before finally skimming.I ike knauf high suction pimer for very high sution control or of course the bg equivelent.
SBR is very effective but ruins brushes/ mixing buckets and will muller customers' carpet if seeps past the tarp.
use ss (stabilizing solution ) then ba ( bonding agent ) sbr ( styrene butadiene rubber ) on i w ( inside work ) all pretty obvious to me anyway
First of all never use sbr neat as it could peel off at a minimum mix it 50/50.
Sbr doesnt re emulsify like pva wich means when you wet it goes back to a liquid which is why its used externally. if the sbr dries before you start to skim theres not much for the skimming to grab wereas with pva it wil re-emulsify when coated with skim and stick better. just mix your pva 3-1 and give it 2 coats plus its cheaper.
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