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You and your Monkey just paid a lot for them :) I remember in a distant post somewhere else Paul you said no way would i pay that for one of those. The way things are going price wise that's what you'll get , a spatted wall not a trowelled one, the 8oomm i'd go for me thinks Simps :-*
£89 + vat :eek: :eek: let us know how it goes, Id get one but i know for a fact it would end up in the van not getting used.
sorry boys i forgot you lot only do little jobs, ;D ;D this baby is for a 4500m2 mp75 job. you use a spat normally sothis will mean 2 passes and the wall has been spatted. The sponge floats are for the mp as well. were going to try it on mono as well , recon it will be the business.
andy, cant wait to get home and start cutting chunks out of the lounge carpet and nailing it my old floats. We were moved on in the caravan but the van we robbed had our package in it. ;D ;D
yeah iv been looking at them? does it look like itll be good or a bi clumsy?

do u use h sections for ur mp75? they better than a feather edge?
simplybesty said:
Me and monkey have just got a 40" s*p*r*lex , will be using it on mp next week and let you know what its like
f@ck me that must be taller than you paul,lol
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