Running very slow

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Is it just me or are the pages taking forever to load, also when i try and get on the rendering section i just get sent back to the same screen?
any ideas
Av been having loads if,bother lately on my lappy with it loading slow. It's been better using,the,app
Seems to be fine for me.
Dannys in the pub tonight pete...:RpS_thumbup:hes probably not clicked something....or server issues..:rolleyes)

Or needs ten bob in the meter:RpS_unsure:
Nice, I will send him the 50p for his meter taken me four minutes for this page to load, going to kick the hell out of my router, maybe that will help
Seems fine with me ? Im just on the net on my fone not the app ? Danny sorted a bigger server a month or 2 ago which made it alot quicker ?

Sorry just seen this... pretty much took a weekend away from the PC :)

I have had a chat with server people and on friday the forum was the busiests its ever been... so could be down to that?

But overall the forum is pretty quick these days...

We can move servers again but it needs to slow down a bit more before we can justify the move :D

Keep me posted... Also ensuring your laptop is on tip top shape will help with any page load speeds :D
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