Rotor stator 6.3. Cheap and good


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Reqularly achieve 26 pallets with the one stop r&s and I'm guaranteed to get it next day .. Never been let down by them even stayed open late on a Saturday just so I could collect urgent parts after being let down by other so called dealers

Never had these actually.

26 pallets thats a lofty achievment i would ask if your labourer can count......only kidding.

We keep a log now of every bag, brand, water setting and back pressure.

Soon enough we will have a range of results data for the rotors. Sometimes we run stiffer, longer hoses etc.

I just had 19 tonnes from my last one and nearly 9 tonnes of that was weber (coarse material) spraying at 24 bar with 20m hose

I imagine using parex at 1 bar per 1 m wouldv smashed that but in our world that wont happen with the range of jobs....

Are u keeping data mate?


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Sorry only just seen the updates. From memory i think it was about 49 quid plus vat for a rotor and stator.

Happy to try/test any to see.

They are made by pft from what i know like another range option but dont quote me on that

Final count not in yet

did you try the freebies they was gonna send down yet John, Be interested to know how they compare. With all your bookworm data i would say that would be a fair test


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Deffo a fair test. Not had any to try.

Would be more than happy to of course.

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