ritmo vs youre machine

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It really depends on what you intend using it for. If you are doing extensions and smallish mono jobs and stuff then the ritmo is fine. 3 phase is more powerful and suited to more everyday use with mono, base coats etc.
If you use machines all the time you will appreciate having both.
3 phase more powerful and can pump larger volumes of material in less time. If you work in a gang you would appreciate the material going on quicker for you to start ruling it. Have a look at simplys video and imagine it going a bit slower.
A single phase machine will still be quicker than by hand.
The single phase machine also has variable speed, so it can be used for a larger variety of materials and finishing.
in that video the machine is spraying a bit slow anyway as the pressure plate was a bit clogged and their is a slight air leak at the gun normally its a lot faster then that and we have only got a D5-2.5 Rotor and stator on
thought it seemed slow but then better than by hand i hate krend sil ft its killing me
i sprayed about 35m sand and cement today, took about an hour to put on and rule off on 3 walls and a couple of little bits. its just when doing hardwall or mp75 could just do with a bit more speed when im on my own. with 2 people its fine
the thing that ive learnt with machines is that reliability is key and that pretty much means new kit. Most people can't afford it so make do with second hand like myself with all their faults just waiting to happen. I wouldn't wish a faulty machine on anyone new to the game so buy new if you possibly can or be prepared for anger,stress and a whole load of mood hoovering when things go wrong out in the field
the best advice on second hand machines is if you are going to buy second hand then buy from a dealer rather then off ebay etc , if your buying off ebay and you dont know anything about machines then you dont know what your buying you could end up spending thousands more getting any missing parts replaced etc,

when ever we send out a second hand machine we make sure it's fully serviced any worn/damaged parts replaced with brand new genuine parts and know that the machine is in 100% full working order , we also give full training and advice on general maintenance and we give a full technical back up for the whole time that you own the machine
if i buy yours and pauls thatll make 3 so i might be able to get a working machine with a bit of fiddling ;D
Turn it upside down take the grill off the bottom and there is 4 big nuts, slacken them then get someone to hold the machine while you put a bar in and force the bolts toward the water pump and tighten them good and hard, this increases the stroke of the pump and therefore the water capacity, give it a go you got nothing to loose.
Sprayed 35 bags of e grade with thr Ritmo this afternoon and it didn't miss a beat, it was plugged into a 13a socket, sprayed at 6 bar with the 7.5m hose on, great little bit of kit.
I tried to video today but my phone only did 10 seconds at a time so i forgot that idea, any plasterer who does a lot of backing coat like hardwall and mp75 and wants to do a bit of monocouche or ordinary render for that matter would find the ritmo a nice machine to use plugged into ordinary socket, so no big 3 phase generator. If you do mono all the time then the 3 phase machine like G4 is a must, however we are finding ourselves on site these days that can accomodate the little ritmo and i like the benefits.
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