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hi everyone I am new to this forum been taking some good advice of everybodys threads.we spray alot of parex and no problem seemed to have sussed it but with the k rend having problems.
Any ideas on water settings speeds to be spraying hp12 it seems to come out really fast on setting 10 any advice would be much appreciated.
Try Tuning down the setting then to 8 or so ...or am I missing something ?
Can’t recsll the water setting, years since I’ve used hp12.
The most obvious thing is to do what owls said and turn the speed setting down, your in control of the machine.
We turn the speed down to 5 water on 100 -110 8 mm cap,
hp 12 comes out like roughcast which gives you time if your spraying and meshing and you don’t waste material. That’s with Ritmo L though.