Ritmo m??


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Ideal for me for what we do,been looking for one for a while but seem to be non existent anymore??…so,if any of you lads have one sitting in your garage or lock up,or south of the border on your super yacht being used as a fondu machine..
Give us a shout…just out of interest if anyone knows the price on a new machine,do they still make them??


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Your looking around 8half grand to 9half for a new one mate.. Been a couple of second hand ones going around 5000 try the rendering machine page on facebook..
Currently on waiting list god knows how long ive got to wait...
The plasterers one shop machines look decent too mtec 200 maybe worth enquiring theres finance options on these too so all helps but 2000 deposit needed.


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go for ritmo l.
does same job
Cheers lads,but still like gold dust….
I’m tight and squeak when I walk…and a high maintenance wife …first two statements are true
I had an L,decent machine…too many m-tecs for sale to warrant me to buy one…even new,think the m would suit me more,am I wrong in thinking it keeps up with L In flow rate..just smaller??..
I’m only doing domestics,lightweight ocr..and 1.5 topcoats,nothing heavy…only orange for me,

twilight years …so machine light,work light..