Ritmo Doing roughcast video.

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sprayed a quick pass or buttercoat of pral m over a sand cement lime sbr base layed on by hand.

then straight back up to texture it. 2 good passes

dont be afraid to keep going over it on your first pass to get it almost there. What you see there in the video i am just starting to go over it again at the end but i still call that the first pass. and then give it a light second pass. Keep the gun moving at all times so no build up of gear. Water 65 speed 7 on a Ritmo L

45 bags did the whole back about 100 m2.


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Thanks for the vid Ian. There is a new estate near me which is roughcast mono. 500+ houses. See as it so looks so easy I may try to get involved. Are the rates similar as a standard mono


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When you come to the external corners do you have to have someone hold up a board to stop over spray going all over the place?


I like all these vids your doing blones, makes me wanna keep my ritmo! Your good for the cause keep it up m8.
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